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It's Our Anniversary!

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We want you to share your Abeni experience with us. If you have photos or video of Abeni, please share with us on our Facebook Page. If you don't have Facebook, you can also share on Youtube and label your upload Abeni Cultural Arts along with the date and name of the event. We would also appreciate, if you send us what you have to our email. For large videos, please email us first and we'll show you how to share.

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Here at Abeni, we strive to create the complete dancer, that's why students at Abeni learn everything we know: African, Modern, Contemporary, Tap, Gospel, Ballet. We teach through the use of high level choreography that challenges you to reach your highest potential as a dancer. Plus, you get to hone your craft on stage and through the many performances we put on throughout the year.

...we asked for her, and she is ours

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