Students in our performance dance class learn all there is to know about dancing, and how to use their talent.

Dancers learn a variety of dance forms such as ballet, modern, jazz, hip-hop, African, contemporary and tap. All lessons are learned through choreography and students get to show off their skill by participating in shows and performances thoughout the year.

Individual dance styles are also taught through private lessons.

Registration Fee
$45.00 Regular Registration

$60.00 Family Registration

Monday & Wednesday
Intermediate/Advance Students 6 - 18

(5:30 - 7pm)

$65.00 Per Month

Performance students will have extra rehearsal days. Also, extra rehearsals and classes will be held for major performances.


Beginners 3 - 9 (4:30 to 5:30)

Beginners 10 - 18 (5:45 to 6:45)
$45.00 Per Month

Adult Dance Class (6 - 7pm)


KCDC (7 - 9pm)

Visit HERE to learn how to join.

KCDC  (2-5pm)


Times not listed are used for rehearsals, workshops and special classes.

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